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Services customs procedures Astilleros de Mallorca

    customs procedures

    We can assist with the most efficient way in carrying out repairs from a customs point of view. For non-EU vessels, inward processing can achieve major savings on VAT and custom tax on imported goods. Intra-community vessels will be charged according to EU VAT rules. For any vessel, we guide clients on the most economical way to process importations, saving on VAT and import tax. Availability depends on the vessel’s flag and the goods imported. Astilleros de Mallorca is an Authorised Economic Operator for Customs Simplification. The programme aims to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade. Astilleros’ customs processes are certified by local and European customs authorities.

    Services bonded store Astilleros de Mallorca

      bonded store

      Astilleros de Mallorca is an official Bonded Store Operator with a warehouse located ON SITE, thus offering the necessary storage space without the need to import the materials & equipment. We can handle demands for materials & equipment importation outside the EU, successfully building upon the essential TPA service we are already offering our clients.

      Services general storage Astilleros de Mallorca

        general storage

        We have a large number of storage containers for use during the refit, for personal and yacht-related articles, including crew supplies and goods.

        Services fuel supply Astilleros de Mallorca

          fuel supply

          We preserve your fuel supply during refit, as necessary, by removing the fuel, cleaning and storing it, before returning it to you ready for departure. Our agreement with local fuel suppliers ensures that you receive the correct fuel at the correct price. We can arrange for your fuel supply to be delivered at dockside.

          Services tank cleaning Astilleros de Mallorca

            tank cleaning

            Astilleros de Mallorca offers a filtering and separating service for fuel oil. We have four storage tanks offering a total storage capacity of 20,000 litres. We monitor combustion gases concentration and oxygen levels inside the tanks and working areas, to assure no dangerous levels are reached, protecting personnel, yacht and environment.

            Services laboratory analysis Astilleros de Mallorca

              laboratory analysis

              We offer laboratory analysis services. Samples are taken by our personnel before being sent to recognised laboratories and analysed, using state-of-the-art equipment operated by experienced technicians, delivering reliable detailed results every time.

              Services security Astilleros de Mallorca


                We operate 24 hour/365 days security on the main gate to control access to and from the premises. Recorded CCTV and an infrared perimeter control helps us to permanently monitor the yard. We are fully compliant with the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code. We have on-site firefighting and emergency equipment and a well-trained team in evacuation and emergency situations.

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