lounge area

    Our in-house ‘Galibos’ restaurant serves a variety of Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. Satellite TV and Wi-Fi, a comfortable corner lounge with panoramic terrace views, as well as complimentary use of the BBQ, make crew and staff feel at home.
    You can check our daily menu HERE


      private events

      Wanting to celebrate a birthday, a special event or just a get-together? We are here to help you coordinate your event or organise it for you. Just pop by the office and let us know what we can do for you.


        concierge service

        Because we understand how stressful the refit period can be, we are here to assist you in your daily business tasks and help you organise your leisure time. Our services range from the simple task of booking a taxi through to a completely personalised service; our staff are here to make your life easier.


          meeting rooms

          We have a number of meeting rooms, both in the main shipyard and in STP Palma. These facilities are ideal for conferencing and meetings with project managers, subcontractors, etc.


            crew offices

            Crew offices are available during your refit, to organise and communicate in safe and quiet surroundings. The various layouts available can provide you with a central meeting point and working area.

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