Superyacht Refit and Repair

In the mid 80s, Jesus Freire and Fernando Santodomingo became the new owners of the yard. The two families of the Ria de Vigo with a century-old tradition in the shipbuilding industry began the process of conversion to the new activity of the shipyard in the Superyacht market.

SY jessica [ renamed SY Adix ]

Adix is one of the most recognised yachts in the world. built originally by Astilleros de Mallorca to an Arthur Holgate design.

SY Creole

This project spawned a succession of smaller contracts involving the same type of work, causing several of the yard staff to dedicate themselves to the special talents required when working on vintage yachts. S.Y. Creole is refitted and maintained to this day in our yard here in Palma.


Astilleros de Mallorca from 620 bc until 2013


Astilleros de Mallorca's commercial shipping.


Astilleros de Mallorca's Superyacht History